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About Us

Little Spark Films and the ever punishing hurdle called success

Little Spark Films (LSF) began with a one-week turnaround short film which was made simply just for the hell of it. That short film didn’t win any awards. But it was written, planned, shot, edited, and submitted on the deadline and got accepted! We're still pretty proud of that. From there the LSF team honed its own form of procedure of “punk filmmaking”. Over the years we have worked on a wide variety of sets for major productions and helmed shoots for local businesses and independent musicians in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our Story

We have had the honor of working with some of the most talented and interesting people in the industry! From taking part in season 2 of The Last Drive-in With Joe Bob Briggs to directing features with Lloyd Kaufman, Kevin Gage, Isaiah Washington, Lou Temple and Fangoria legend Kerry O’Quinn!


Most recently LSF produced a short film written by horror novelist Paul Kane. A dramatic interrogation filled with nightmares and trauma. The Torturer is Little Spark Films’ most revered project to date. Starring Texas thespians Paul T. Taylor & Lawrence Varnado. This picture is beautifully shot in 6k by director of photography, Jörg Viktor Steins-Lauß and directed by Joe Manco.


“The ambiguous nature of the story is the fuel for the cinematic, wildfire. As soon as we are drawn into the passionate queries of the Torturer, we are smashed in the face with some of the best, lower-budget torture effects I’ve seen. Far from being “torture-porn” the violence takes you right to the edge of unbearably gruesome, only to let you breathe for a bit, before the next round. This is the kind of ebb and flow that genre films have lacked for far too long.”

                                                            -Robert Rippeth Jr.

                                                                 Demons of Celluloid


Meet The Team


Our Clients

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Fantastico Disasterpiece Theater (S4) TV Show               Troma & Better Than Nothing Films

Death World                           Short Film            Little Spark Films

SHAB - Acoustic Reveal EP             3 Music Videos        SHAB & Septien Entertainment Group

Beyond Dusk                           Short Film            Little Spark Films

Sunday Sinema                         Pilot                 Little Spark Films

Vicemares                             Feature               Little Spark Films

The Man Who Left Nothing              Mockumentary          Ty Addams & Little Spark Films

Sockos of Sin                         Indiegogo Short       Little Spark Films

Demon Metal Murder V: New Blood       Short Film            Little Spark Films

Evil For Dinner                       Feature               Gambling Man Productions & Little Spark Films

Hellbound Laments                     Commercial Series     Pyramid Gallery / Configuration Boxes

The Torturer                          Short Film            Little Spark Films

Murderballs                           Short Film            Little Spark Films

Wenn Krampus Kommt                    Shot Film             Merry Scary 48hr Film Race

Silly Dilly Why So Killy?             Short                 Little Spark Films

Anti Christmas Carol                  Short Film            Merry Scary 48hr Film Race / TROMA

Yoga Garage                           Web Series            Funny or Die / Wanda Wayne Productions

Burnouts                              Short Film            Demonic Chronic 48hr Film Race

First Date Tattoo                     Commercial            Vato Loco Tattoo Shop

Don't Take The Drag                   Short Film            Demonic Chronic 48hr Film Race

Circus Sisters                        Short Film            Little Spark Films

Musico Pandemonium                    Rockumentary          Aristoscat

Cup Cake                              Short Film            Demonic Chronic 48hr Film Race

The Black Room                        Short Film            Little Spark Films

Awards & Highlights -

- Beyond Dusk

          - Official Selection (RS Film Fest)

          - Official Selection (Montreal Independent Film Festival)

          - Official Selection (Halloween Horror Haunt)

          - Official Selection (Lift-Off Sessions September 2022)

- The Torturer

          - Best Actor Paul T. Taylor (RS Film Fest)

          - Best Horror (RS Film Fest)

          - Best Actor Paul T. Taylor (4th Dimension)

          - Best Horror Short (OTB Film Fest)

          - Gold Tier / Best FX VFX (Horror Movie Awards)

          - Gold Tier / Disturbing Films (Horror Movie Awards)

          - Gold Tier / Short Film Performances (Horror Movie Awards)

          - Gold Tier / Screenplays (Horror Movie Awards)

          - Gold Tier / Top Artistic Achievements (Horror Movie Awards)

- TROMA NOW + Grindsploitation 9, 10 & 11 Selections

         - Don't Take The Drag / Burnouts

         - Silly Dilly / Anti Christmas Carol

         - Murderballs / Wenn Krampus Kommpt

         - Demon Metal Murder V: New Blood + P.S.A.

         - Death World

- Demon Metal Murder V & Death World

          - Official Selection Texas Frightmare Weekend 2021

Anti Christmas Carol

          - Official Selection Lift Off Sessions 2019

          - Official Selection Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018

          - Most Tromatic Award (Merry Scary 48hr)

          - Scream Queen Award (Merry Scary 48hr)

- Silly Dilly Why So Killy? "Dildo of the Dead"

          - Official Selection (Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018)

- Candie (Music Video)

          - Official Selection (San Antonio Film Festival 2017)

Don't Take the Drag

          - Official Selection (Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017)

 - The Black Room   

           - Official Selection (Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017)

           - Official Selection (Texas Blood Bath V Film Fest 2013)


- American Murder Song

          - The Donner Party Reunion Tour (2017) 

          - The Wake Tour (2016)

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