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Don't Take the Drag

Shot and Directed by Joe Manco

Produced by Rhiannon McMillen & Javier Arredondo

Starring Max Von Nahme, Jett Middlebrooks, Kat Hebert

Story by Catalina Querida & Jayson Atz

Editor - Catalina Querida

Music by The P-Town Skanks

Shot at Vato Loco Tattoo Studio in Arlington, TX.

For the 2nd Demonic Chronic 48hr Stoner Film Race

April 2015​


Written, Shot and Directed by Joe Manco

Produced by Joe Miglio, Rhiannon McMillen & Nacho Hernandez

Starring David Gonzalez, Jayson Atz & Michael Green and featuring Paragraph & EvE

Editor - Catalina Querida

Music by ManifestiV & Sam Lipman

Shot at Bridgwood Church of Christ in Fort Worth, TX.

For the 3rd Demonic Chronic 48hr Stoner Film Race

April 2016

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Production Photos

The Story with these two shorts

        Don't Take the Drag & Burnouts are two separate entries from two different years of the Demonic Chronic 48hr Stoner Film Race. This film race was the only race to normalize cannabis in this medium.  LSF participated in all three years. But these two I always felt deserved more attention.

         The second year of the race we drew the genre "Grindhouse". We had to make a short film that lasted between 4 and 7 minutes run time. So Jayson came up with the idea that we make a fake movie trailer as our short film. The P-Town Skanks let us use their song No Clue. And we knocked it out. And when I say we knocked it out I mean that I had a black out due to stress. Catalina and I thought it would be a great idea to work 3 other jobs while doing this race. Shoot part of a music video and wrangle a full cast and crew with a toddler around. We had to have a drag queen as our character, use the dime bag storage as our prop and use the line of dialogue "That's what she said". It was  actually quite annoying trying to make a trailer reach the minimum mark but Catalina did it! It was produced by our dear and late friend Rhiannon McMillen and shop owner Javier Arredondo. If you would like to watch the submission cut to Don't Take the Drag, simply click the font you just read.

           The third year we raced was with mostly a new crew. We drew the genre "Roadtrip". Originally I wanted to have this year be the end of our Demonic Chronic Trilogy. With Cupcake from the first year and DTTD but the entire cast from the previous two years bailed. So last minute this short film would then star David Gonzalez and Jayson Atz thus us creating something away from Condor and his adventures. And lucky for us Paragraph and EvE were in town! Our beloved friends from the group ManifestiV. They let us use their "Bumobile" as the Burnouts mode of transport and in my opinion its as if the ride is its own character. Paragraph and Eve did so much on this shoot. They composed music. Acted in background. Played the clown. Performed music and were the key stone of the film. This shoot would have been completely different if they were not on set with us all day. At the time our then producer, Nacho, was able to get us not only in a strip club but inside a church for us to defile. During the edit of this short film Catalina and I had a very difficult time cutting out jokes for timing. The film jerky. We shot for 15 hours and were lucky to have a good handful of late night extras show up in this film. Burnouts kicked the event off to set the mood. The theater erupted in laughter from start to... well... the scene. It was great to hear the audience freak and snicker at one another. In this film we had to have a Clown, use a golf tee one hitter and use the line of dialogue "I learned it from watching you." If you are interested in watching the submission cut to Burnouts, simply click the font you just read.

          So, why this cut of the film? Well, the trailer is tighter and has a better flow like a trailer should. It also has more of a grindhouse look than the cut we submitted. The new cut was even screened at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017 for their fake trailer showcase! And Burnouts has a better flow as well. More angles that we couldn't have put in for timing and pacing. It has more jokes and the end of the film is actually in sync with the correct footage. We cleaned them both up and cut it together in the fashion of an old school movie experience. I'm not sure if doing this is in poor taste. But that's why the other links are here so you can watch and compare. We are still very happy with these two shorts, so much so that we took the time to clean it up and do this 14 minute cut. We love this, everyone we show loves this. We hope you love this too.

Thanks for reading


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