A New

Hellbound Lament

Every Sunday


A series of commercials to celebrate the art of Clive Barker showcasing a variety of configuration boxes available from Pyramid-Gallery & ConfigurationBoxes.com

Narration provided by Kristin Keith

Shot by Jörg Viktor Steins-Lauß Produced by Michael Boodagh II, Bart de Boisblanc, Brandon Marshall & Joe Miglio


Starring Kristin Keith, Nathan Gershon, Richard Houghton, Janie Slash, Rayne Drawps, Jayson Atz, Dan Nguyen, Joe Blackwood, Robb Hudsepth, Ninfa Innocent, Eve Walding, Paragraph Taylor & Kent Sylvester


Shot in Dallas, Texas at Pro Rehearsal Studios

​Only available here on our website is the new Secret of Boris music video titled "Don't Mention Love"! It's about to start making it's rounds. But we thought it would be cool to have the sneak peek only here. So remember kiddies.... it's Boris' little secret. So don't go sharing quite yet. ;)

We have put together a new LSF reel for 2020! We have had a lot of good things happen to us the past few years. This is our first reel with all our new projects, a few old ones and some stuff that has yet to come out.

The LSF logo in this reel is our new and enhanced style. Similar to the old grindhouse look. Its just been cleaned up. Expect a new jingle to go along with it. But you won't get to experiance that till The Torturer is released. The song in the reel is credited to the Denton based band, The Undoing of David Wright.

Our short film is nearly complete!

With score by Paragraph Taylor

VFX by Mark Beal

Audio design by Jayson Atz & It Lives

Mixing & Mastering by Mindframe

Color Grading by Samhain Studios

Editing by Catalina Querida


The latest music video for the retro rock group based out of Dallas, Empire Cats!

Check out their latest jam, Night Time Fuel. Their new album is available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

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