We are running a crowd funding campaign to make a feature film!

Greetings film fans thank you for a few minutes of your time. We are Little Spark Films an indie production team operating out of DFW Tx and WAGES OF SIN is our teams newest project.

A micro budget feature,  blending of Drama, Horror and Comedy. It's the story of strung out lawyer Sinclair Niedenthal in the late 90's, whose world is falling apart. Procuring a sleazy motel room in secret there are only two things he wants; a stress free night with no hassles and a big bag of dope. Unfortunately he will only be getting the latter as things soon take a turn for the weird, when after a physical altercation with Darby, a pizza delivery man, Sinclair determines the only option is to take him captive. Escalating the rest of the night into a drug-fueled battle of wills for survival.

What We Need & What You Get

Even on a small production like hours cost Mount up pretty quickly. On this project we've essentially cut all of the fat but that still leaves a lot of things to be covered. From location rentals, set dressing, original wardrobe Construction, props construction and Rentals, maintaining our equipment, makeup and practical effects, feeding cast and crew, boarding and transportation, post-production special effects and sound as well as the extra money we will be putting towards ensuring that we will have a COVID-19 SAFE SET! Not to mention, this is always important but especially in the times we're in now, we need to be able to pay our crew a living wage. Too many small Productions ask their Crew to give their all and get very little back but right now with working on a movie set being more dangerous than ever and making a living so much harder we find this to be unacceptable.

As you can see there is so much that needs to go in to every aspect to make this film work but luckily we're the guys who know how to make it work. However that only can happen with your help and just like with our crew we are not asking you to give us something for nothing. We have 25 reward tiers for contributors ranging from digital copies of the film and soundtrack to t-shirts, set worn wardrobe and W.O.S. sock puppet friends. Then the upper tiers offer an awesome custom pizza box goody crate full of various stickers, patches, pins and other movie memorabilia as well as producer credit tiers. Lots of fun goodies for every price range so make sure to check out the full list.

The Impact

In the wake of Covid-19 financing any movie is a tough sale but as you can tell from the above description (& our video) this film is not what you would consider the norm and as such it makes it exceedingly difficult to secure independent financing. Which is why the support of you, the viewing public matters so much in this endeavor.  

Cinema is at an interesting yet tumultuous Nexus point right now. Due to a Confluence of outside forces such as the rise in streaming media and the recent pandemic now all movies are forced to contend with movies that would have been the theatrical releases from major studios and as such movies like WAGES OF SIN are getting fewer and fewer. However the upside to that is that when one does come along and is crafted exceptionally well it becomes more visible. We want to make something that is against the grain, something Fearless, something that shows that all film can be art if handled properly; That embodies the core ideals of what Indie film making it supposed to be. We have the experience, the team and the vision but again we can't do it without you. 

We at Little Spark Films in the last year alone have completed 8 commercials, 3 music videos, 2 short films and a feature film. All of which have been completed on time, on budget and have exceeded expectation. A record we fully intend to maintain with WAGES OF SIN.


For Wages of Sin we have Ty Addams stepping into the directors chair right off of production of his 1st feature: THE MAN WHO LEFT NOTHING.






























In order to visually capture the twisted tone of the film we have the Uber Jorg himself Jörg Viktor Steins-lauß as cinematographer bringing his considerable talents to the table.





















On Practical make up effects we have the macabre makeup madness of the exceptional Tori Yeager.



















For our two leads we have Nathan Gershon known for Robowoman and the upcoming Aamzon series Panic; as lude lawyer Sinclair Niedenthal. And Nerdscum Cory W Ahre of Bloodsucker's Handbook and Sacrament the Film in the role of pizza delivery guy Darby Burroughs.
























Overseeing the production we have Catalina Querida and Joe Manco co-founding members of LSF and talented directors in their own right having completed dozens of commercials, music videos and films.

Other Ways You Can Help

Thank you for your time reading this far into this and if you still are reading then clearly want to help but we also know that not everybody in these times are able to contribute financially and that is okay. You might not be able to help us out in that way but potentially you could introduce this campaign to someone who could by sharing this campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms using the Indiegogo share tools.

We are grateful for any assistance we receive and once again thank you very much for your time and interest from all of us at Little Spark Films.

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© 2020 by Little Spark Films

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