Log Line:

     VICEMARES is an exploration of themes of morality and identity filtered through the lens of sleazy drug-addled lawyer Sinclair Niedenthal. Who, with his life spiraling out of control holds up in a cabin he and his deceased father used to frequent in order to do an excessive amount of drugs. But his attempt at an escape from his problems is derailed when after a physical altercation with a pizza guy, Darby, he feels forced to take him hostage further propelling his tailspin into Madness.

Director: Joe Manco

Writer: Cory W. Ahre

Producers: Catalina Querida, Bob White,

Robert Reese, Josh Fletcher, Joe Miglio


Starring:  Nathan Gershon, Kristin Keith,

 Larissa Dali, Cory W. Ahre

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