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Murder Balls - Massive Rough Render 01.0

Written and Directed by Joe Manco

Produced by Matt Atkins & Joe Miglio

Starring Janie Slash, Joe Sherry, Suzo Frazier,

Jayson Atz, Bart de Boisblanc

& Lloyd Kaufman

Shot by - Joe Manco & Egor Blasphemy

Editor - Catalina Querida

Music & Audio by The Screaming Owls

and Nosferat II

Shot at Pro Rehearsal & Wits End in Dallas, TX.

For the TFW Fake Trailer Showcase

May 2019

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Wenn Krampus Kommt 24x36 movie posterSML

Wenn Krampus Kommt

Written and Directed by Joe Manco

Produced by Joe Miglio & Alex Snyder

Starring Rayne Drawps, Lance Parker

& Zoe Pardee

Director of Photography - Egor Blasphemy

Editor & Production Manager - Catalina Querida

Music & Audio by Common House Collective

Shot in Dallas, TX.

For the Merry Scary 48hr Film Race

December 8th 2018

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