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Bat Fest
Bat Fest

Πέμ 24 Οκτ


South Side Preservation Hall

Bat Fest

Come out and have fun with LSF. Get some cool new swag while you're at it!

΄'Ωρα & Τοποθεσία

24 Οκτ 2024, 3:00 μ.μ. – 11:00 μ.μ.

South Side Preservation Hall, 1519 Lipscomb St, Fort Worth, TX 76104, USA

Σχετικά με την εκδήλωση

-Pay what you'd like at the door. All donations go towards South Side Preservation Hall.

-Costume Party & Trick of Treating

-Vendor Vace

-Art Gallery and Silent Auction

-PowerPoint Seminar from Bat World Sanctuary

-Live Music

-Free Beer!

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