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Lift-Off Sessions September 2022: Round 1
Lift-Off Sessions September 2022: Round 1

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Lift-Off Sessions September 2022: Round 1

Beyond Dusk is an OFFICIAL SELECTION in the September Lift-Off Sessions! Join us for round 1 which will be active for 2 weeks!

Tickets are not on sale
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29 set 2022, 04:00 GMT-5 – 12 ott 2022, 22:00 GMT-5

Vimeo On Demand

Info sull'evento

BEYOND DUSK will be featured in Programme 3 of the competition.

It will cost $12

You only get two votes. Please be sure to vote for BEYOND DUSK.

follow link to purchase your entery into the event!

Follow this link to learn how to vote!

The festival will be going live to the public Monday 10am (BST).

In round 1 of the festival you will be allowed to rent the Lift-Off Sessions playlist available on Vimeo On-Demand for only $20! You will receive access to 154 short films from new and upcoming filmmakers. BEYOND DUSK will be number 45 on the docket. From there everyone who rented the session will be able to vote for their favorites. Please be sure to vote for BEYOND DUSK so that we may make it to the next round and screen at the illustrious PINEWOOD STUDIOS!

Total run time for the entire session is 22hours and 48minutes. But you can watch them at your own discression in any order you choose. And the best part is that you have two full weeks to watch all the short films!

The Lift-Off Sessions is an online showcase, dedicated to bringing new audiences to the indie film market, ending with an annual live screening of the winning films from our HQ at Pinewood Studios in the UK*.

Every film will be screened for 2 weeks, via Vimeo On Demand, an exceptional online streaming service that is available through Smart TV's, Desktops, and a whole bunch of mobile devices including tablets and phones. Each film will sit within their respective programmes, with the top five voted films on each page being sent through to our final round.  Screening the latest indie shorts to as wide an audience as possible is our mission with Lift-Off Sessions. It provides an invaluable opportunity for filmmakers and film enthusiasts to see lots of their contemporaries' work. It is our sole and focused mission to introduce new global audiences to this impressive medium, and so far it is having an amazing effect.

Round 1: Global Social Crowd Round

The first round is open to the general public, who rent the entire collection of films for the full duration of the fortnight. Judges will be collecting "votes" that will come from our marketing efforts and yours. Everyone must vote for both their favourite, and second favourite film (by writing in the comments section on the Vimeo page). This is a great way for the festival to introduce new people to your work and indie film as a whole. Be sure to optimise your social media before the launch!

BEYOND DUSK will be available for viewing on Vimeo On Demand as part of a series of films that make up the festival, and it will be live for the entire fortnight.

Round 2: Internal Judges Round

The top 5 films from each page of the social round will be sent to Lift-Off's Internal Judges, who will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects. The film with the highest overall score wins.



The Lift-Off Sessions exists to bring new eyes to the independent film market. Thank you for supporting true indie cinema!

Once you have enjoyed films from the collection and are ready to place your votes, head to your welcome email (Your Ticket) for the link to the voting form!

(If you purchased through Vimeo, please email for a voting link.)

Strictly one set of votes per person. VOTES ARE RESERVED FOR PURCHASERS ONLY. Invalid votes will be removed, and films could be disqualified. We want to keep this a fun and fair festival for everyone.

The top five films from each of the four programmes of the social round will be rated by Lift-Off's Official Judges, who will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects. The film with the highest overall score wins an official selection for a live screening later this year at Pinewood Studios AND Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.

The top voted film from the programme will receive free Intermediate Lift-Off Membership for one year.

Rules: One vote per rental. Voting for the competition will end at 10pm (GMT) Monday 12th October.

Films will be available to view for a whole month, giving you time to enjoy the full range of indie content.

After the festival, these films will be removed from the public domain.

Enjoy, and please remember to share this great collection with your friends, family and peers.

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