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Filming a fresh EXPLOSIVE proof of concept in April of 2024!


This coming Monday 8/28 we will be launching our NEW crowdfunding page using the WEDIDIT platform provided by From the Heart Productions. Using this platform will allow us to easily organize our accounting and ensure each person who donates will be able to use their donation to the project as a tax deduction.


If you are not interested in this and would like to dive in to DEATH WORLD even deeper by purchasing film equity you may email us at


DEATH WORLD is fiscally sponsored by  From the Heart Productions.

This means anyone who puts funds into the budget through FTHP can write it off on their taxes!

More information about how this works is coming soon.



Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has ended.

More ways you can help make DEATH WORLD happen will be posted here as we continue to develop our project.

Thank you for all your support.

Feel free to contact us at

Behind the Scenes of our Concept

On this day we spent 12 hours devising ways to eviscerate one another.  We treated this project like a 48hr film race simply so we could showcase our work at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2022. This video was compiled from everyones cellphones and edited together by Cory "NerdScum" Ahre. Hope you enjoy!

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