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CONTRARIANS BLOOPERS #bloopers #podcast #podcastbloopers #podcastclips #moviereview

CONTRARIANS BLOOPERS #bloopers #podcast #podcastbloopers #podcastclips #moviereview

In the Clive Barker Podcast, long-time fans Ryan and Jose interview guests, bring you the news, and take deep dives into Barker-related stuff. In Episode 454 We break out our new 4K copies of Clive Barker’s Underworld (AKA Transmutations) and talk this new release, plus some listener feedback. Sponsor : Don Bertram’s Celebrate Imagination | ETSY Store Check Out “Stained Glass Tulip” on his Facebook page. Check Out his videos going over the original painting “The Bug Brothers” and his intro to the 35th Anniversary screening of Hellraiser. There are some paintings on his Etsy shop to check out. Mother and Child II, The Star Gazer, The Folk Singer, The Pearl, The Portal, Top of the World. And don’t forget about his books, The Chimney Sweep’s Tale and Celebrate Imagination. Topic: Kino Lorber’s 4K Blu-Ray release of Underworld (92MIN) Picture and Sound Special Features Audio Commentary George Pavlou & Steven Thrower Transmutations: 103 Minute Alternate Cut Archival BTS Footage Still Galleries Show Notes: Episode 391 Transmutations Commentary George Pavlou was planning a sequel? (April Fools) Underworld on Kino Lorber Underworld on Amazon Difference between versions Listener Feedback Discussion: Facebook Page (Poll) Facebook Listeners Group Twitter (Poll) Discord Patreon Members Shout-Out (Become a Patron) David Anderson Erik Van T’ Holt Daniel Elven Returning Sponsor: Don Bertram’s Celebrate Imagination What’s New for our Patreon Subscribers Behind the Scenes extra content Rare Videos Collector’s Corner Coming Soon: Collector’s Corner Jericho Coming Next Jericho Squad 77 Returns A-Z Commentaries Z for Zombies: Army of Darkness Nightbreed Soundtrack discussion (Intrada) Phantasmagoria Hellraiser Interview Book Review of 4K Rawhead Rex More Boom Hellraiser The Dark Watch comics discussion Hellraiser Quartet of Torment Coverage And this podcast, having no beginning will have no end. web iOS App| Android App, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Android, Stitcher, Spotify, Pandora, Libsyn, Tunein, iHeart Radio, Pocket Casts, Google Play,, DoubleTwist and YouTube and Join the Occupy Midian group Discord Community Twitter: @BarkerCast| @OccupyMidian Buy Our Book: The BarkerCast Interviews Occupy Midian | Hardcover | Kindle | Apple Become a Patreon Patron Support the show, Buy a T-Shirt Music is by Ray Norrish All Links and show notes in their Entirety can be found at
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